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Scores From the Weekend

Lots of scores from this weekend! Check them out: College Women Castleton State 7-32 Keene State U of New England... read more
Remembering Don Morrision

NERFU joins the international rugby community in mourning the loss of Don Morrison, after a brave battle with... read more
How to Get You and Your Club CIPP Compliant By Kick...

Does the start of a new season make your club leaders look like this guy? While most of us are excited for the... read more
Level 1 Referee Course Coming Up!

Level 1 Referee course will be held August 22nd from 9am to 5pm in Whitman, Massachusetts (20 Essex Street). There... read more
NERFU Clubs Seeking Head Coaches

Trinity College Men, Springfield RFC Men and Boston Women's Rugby Club have all recently posted head coaching... read more

2015-09-26Men's Club D1 2015
Mystic River63 vs 0Boston I.W.@Mystic River
2015-10-03Men's Club D2 2015
Albany31 vs 12Saratoga Springs @Dick Green Field
Burlington12 vs 53Amoskeag@Burlington
Hartford48 vs 21Portland@Hartford Wanderers
Providence10 vs 45Mystic River D2@Providence
South Shore7 vs 22Worcester@South Shore Anchors
2015-09-26Men's Club D2 2015
Albany41 vs 5South Shore@Dick Green Field
Mystic River D257 vs 15Portland@Mystic River
Newport20 vs 17Providence@Newport
Saratoga Springs 42 vs 20Burlington@Saratoga Springs Stampede
Worcester43 vs 0Hartford@Worcester
2015-09-19Men's Club D2 2015
Albany5 vs 65Mystic River D2@Dick Green Field
Burlington12 vs 38Hartford@Burlington
Newport11 vs 11Worcester@Newport
Providence14 vs 62Portland@Providence
South Shore19 vs 69Amoskeag@Southshore Anchors
2015-09-12Men's Club D2 2015
Amoskeag38 vs 3Albany@Amoskeag
Hartford74 vs 5Providence@Hartford Wanderers
Mystic River D233 vs 33Newport@Mystic River
Portland33 vs 14South Shore@Portland
Worcester66 vs 7Saratoga Springs @Worcester
2015-08-29Men's Club D2 2015
Albany26 vs 36Portland@Dick Green Field
Newport40 vs 31Amoskeag@Newport
Providence40 vs 29Burlington@Providence
Saratoga Springs 5 vs 40Mystic River D2@Saratoga Springs Stampede
South Shore45 vs 30Hartford@Southshore Anchors
2015-09-26Women's Club D2 2015
Hartford WRFC25 vs 19Morris WRFC@Hartford Women
Providence WRFC79 vs 0Brooklyn WRFC@Providence
2015-09-19Women's Club D2 2015
Brooklyn WRFC12 vs 36Hartford WRFC@Brooklyn, NY
Burlington WRFC10 vs 12Portland WRFC@Charles River Rats
North Shore WRFC12 vs 48Providence WRFC@North Shore
2015-09-12Women's Club D2 2015
Brooklyn WRFC6 vs 0Morris WRFC@Brooklyn, NY
Charles River WRFC0 vs 27Portland WRFC@Charles River Rats
North Shore WRFC5 vs 33Burlington WRFC@North Shore
Worcester WRFC7 vs 26Hartford WRFC@Worcester
2015-10-03Women's Club D3 2015
Amoskeag WRFC68 vs 5Suffolk WRFC@Amoskeag Women
2015-09-26Women's Club D3 2015
Springfield WRFC28 vs 0Danbury WRFC@Springfield
2015-09-19Women's Club D3 2015
Springfield WRFC47 vs 0Suffolk WRFC@Springfield
2015-09-12Women's Club D3 2015
Amoskeag WRFC49 vs 0Springfield WRFC@Amoskeag Women
Suffolk WRFC20 vs 0Saratoga Springs WRFC@Suffolk, NY

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10/06/2015 Lot's of scores from this weekend! Check them out: College Women Castleton State 7-32 Keene State Uof New... link

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