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Eastern Connecticut State Headed to Nationals!

Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) scored a try on the final play of the match to defeat Plattsburgh... read more
Eastern Connecticut State Takes Next Play-off Step

Reminder that Eastern Connecticut State University (ESCU) is hosting and playing in the National Small College... read more
Salem State Wins NSCRO Northeast Regionals

Congratulations goes out Salem State's Mens Rugby Club as they defeated Canisius College 62-12 at the National... read more
U of New England Women Primed for NSCRO Region 1 Play...

After a weekend off, the University of New England Women are primed and ready for the National Small College Rugby... read more
Eastern Connecticut and Salem State Men Are NERFU...

Last weekend saw the top four NERFU clubs in two divisions do battle to see who would advance on to the National... read more

2015-10-17Men's Club D1 2015
Mystic River42 vs 5NYAC@Mystic River
2015-09-26Men's Club D1 2015
Mystic River63 vs 0Boston I.W.@Mystic River
2015-10-31Men's Club D2 2015
Amoskeag17 vs 41Mystic River D2@Amoskeag
Burlington0 vs 17Newport@Burlington
Hartford69 vs 14Saratoga Springs @Hartford Wanderers
2015-10-24Men's Club D2 2015
Albany55 vs 18Burlington@Dick Green Field
Newport12 vs 10Hartford@Newport
Saratoga Springs 24 vs 34Portland@Saratoga Springs Stampede
South Shore25 vs 32Providence@Southshore Anchors
Worcester26 vs 31Amoskeag@Worcester
2015-10-17Men's Club D2 2015
Amoskeag28 vs 0Saratoga Springs @Amoskeag
Burlington19 vs 17South Shore@Burlington
Hartford64 vs 12Albany@Hartford Wanderers
Mystic River D224 vs 7Worcester@Mystic River
Portland34 vs 22Newport@Portland
2015-10-03Men's Club D2 2015
Albany31 vs 12Saratoga Springs @Dick Green Field
Burlington12 vs 53Amoskeag@Burlington
Hartford48 vs 21Portland@Hartford Wanderers
Providence10 vs 45Mystic River D2@Providence
South Shore7 vs 22Worcester@South Shore Anchors
2015-09-26Men's Club D2 2015
Albany41 vs 5South Shore@Dick Green Field
Mystic River D257 vs 15Portland@Mystic River
Newport20 vs 17Providence@Newport
Saratoga Springs 42 vs 20Burlington@Saratoga Springs Stampede
Worcester43 vs 0Hartford@Worcester
2015-09-19Men's Club D2 2015
Albany5 vs 65Mystic River D2@Dick Green Field
Burlington12 vs 38Hartford@Burlington
Newport11 vs 11Worcester@Newport
Providence14 vs 62Portland@Providence
South Shore19 vs 69Amoskeag@Southshore Anchors
2015-09-12Men's Club D2 2015
Amoskeag38 vs 3Albany@Amoskeag
Hartford74 vs 5Providence@Hartford Wanderers
Mystic River D233 vs 33Newport@Mystic River
Portland33 vs 14South Shore@Portland
Worcester66 vs 7Saratoga Springs @Worcester
2015-08-29Men's Club D2 2015
Albany26 vs 36Portland@Dick Green Field
Newport40 vs 31Amoskeag@Newport
Providence40 vs 29Burlington@Providence
Saratoga Springs 5 vs 40Mystic River D2@Saratoga Springs Stampede
South Shore45 vs 30Hartford@Southshore Anchors

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11/24/2015 NERFU Needs New Leaders- All Board Positions Up For Election! This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be... https://t.co/al3S2bxj1d

11/24/2015 Eastern Connecticut State Headed to Nationals! Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) scored a try on the... https://t.co/bamrNVali0

11/22/2015 Eastern Connecticut State Wins Semifinal, Plays in Championship Today Eastern Connecticut State (ECSU) was... https://t.co/1TTyS0iVDJ

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