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Mystic River moves on to Nationals

Mystic River overcomes mud and Old Blue of New York to advance to Nationals and compete for the men's D1 Championship... read more
NERFU Cup Tournament Results

Pool A Women Champion: Providence Pool B Women Champion: AmoskeagPool A Men: Mystic RiverPool B Men: Irish WolfhoundsPool... read more
Northeast Regional Playoff Results

The 2016 Atlantic North Conference playoffs featured a slate of New England based women's D1 and D2 clubs... read more
USA Rugby Coaching L300 Course; May 21 – 22, 2016...

New York, NY; (April 21, 2016) – The Northeast Academy, in partnership with the University of New Haven Women... read more
Northeast Academy’s 2016 National Tracking Camp...

New York, NY; (April 29, 2016) – The Northeast Academy will be conducting its annual USA Rugby National... read more

2016-04-23Mens Club D2 2015
Amoskeag55 vs 22Hartford@Amoskeag
Mystic River D269 vs 0Burlington@Mystic River
Newport70 vs 0Albany@Newport
Saratoga Springs 20 vs 17South Shore@Saratoga Springs Stampede
Worcester33 vs 5Providence@Worcester
2016-04-16Mens Club D2 2015
Hartford3 vs 46Mystic River D2@Hartford Wanderers
Portland7 vs 15Amoskeag@Portland
South Shore0 vs 79Newport@Southshore Anchors

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