Summer Sevens

Summer Sevens

NERFU Sevens Series
Northeast Men's Nationals Qualifier
Northeast Women's Nationals Qualifier
Boston Sevens
June 15

Newport Sevens
June 22
Boston Rugby Union Point Sevens
June 29

Long Island Sevens
June 29

Eric White Memorial Sevens
July 6

Worcester Sevens
July 13

Monmouth Sevens
July 13

Saratoga Sevens
July 20

Sevens Nationals
August 10/11

The NERFU 7s Championship Series will consist of five nominated tournaments. The Overall winner of the series will be determined by the team with the most series points as set out below and will be crowned the NERFU Champion. The Series will be open to all teams registered in the NERFU Union.    All matches will be held in accordance with the laws of the game – as specified by World Rugby and new rules implemented by USA Rugby and the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series – as well as any and all applicable guidelines set forth by USA Rugby and the Northeast Sevens Championship Series. 

Series Points

  1. Series Points will be awarded at of the five tournaments as follows:
    1. 1st place: 20 points.
    2. 2nd Place: 15 points.
    3. 3rd place: 10 pts.
    4. 4th place: 5 pts.
  2. The final results of each tournament will act as the seeds for the upcoming tournament, while the initial tournament seeding will be determined based on a random draw. 
  3. Additional points will be awarded for attendance. For each tournament, two (2) points will be awarded automatically when a team checks in on-site. Teams that appear at all of the tournaments will receive an additional ten (10) points.
  4. When all five of the nominated tournaments are complete, the top team with the highest series points will be crowned the NERFU Champion.
  5. Foreign or teams from outside the territory may be allowed to compete in the Series ONLY if the tournament format is such that the non NERFU teams do no impede a NERFU from advancement (i.e. Round Robin format) . Any games against such teams would not count toward the determining of the Series points from that tournament.
  6. A team that forfeits any game on the day will not receive their attendance points.