How to Report a Score By Text

How to Report a Score By Text

How to Report a Score By Text Using the NERFU Text Messaging System
(Please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page if you have any questions after reading the following steps. Refer to the second FAQ for information on how to update or add a phone number for your club)

Step 1:
You will receive a text from this phone number: 917-737-9048, and it will look something like this: ID3143323, Boston WRFC,    (T  ),Charles River WRFC,    (T  ),Moakley Park, 13:00, 09/04/2014 test

Step 2:
Copy the text as is and paste it into a text to be sent back to the 917-737-9048 number.
It is important that you don’t delete any of the text, commas, etc or reformat the text in any way. (You can also use the forward function on your phone to send the text back if you prefer, either method will work).

Step 3:
Enter the score after the comma after each club name and the number of tries each club scored after each “T” inside the "( )". If there was no score or tries you must enter a “0”, don’t leave a space blank.
Also don’t use the letter “o” in place of the number zero.
It is not necessary to delete any of the spaces, just enter the scores and tries.
Your reply will look something like this:
ID3143323, Boston WRFC, 24   (T4  ),Charles River WRFC, 24   (T4  ),Moakley Park, 11:00, 09/04/2014 test

Step 4:
Send the text, and if it is accepted you will be sent another text back letting you know that your score report was correctly submitted. The text you'll get will look like this:
Result Accepted: Boston WRFC: 24 (T 4), Charles River WRFC: 24 (T 4), Thanks for submitting result If incorrect resubmit correct result using original msg

Step 5:

That’s it, go enjoy the post match social.

Frequently Asked Questions:
When will I receive the text message to report the score of our club's match?
You will typically receive a text message anytime between Friday afternoon and Monday morning on the weekends you have a league match scheduled. It will come from the following number: 917-737-9048.

can I update the text number(s) for our club in the NERFU system?
Go to this page and fill out the information requested. The numbers will be updated within a couple of days.

What if our club has more than one person who can report a score?

 If your club has two contacts listed for score reporting, either of you may report the score. It’s OK if you both report it but it is not necessary. Reporting the same score won't screw anything up.

What if I make a mistake?
If you make a mistake when reporting a score, just re-submit it. It won’t screw up the system, a human being will check the reported scores and dealing with any discrepancies. You might also receive an automatic text back that says this: "There was a problem with your match result message, please ensure to include all scores. Be careful not to remove any part of the message". You can ignore it if you get it again after re-submitting your score.

What if I don't receive a text message to report my score? Again, if you do not receive a text message to report your score just send a text to 917-737-9048 using the same format as in Step 4 above: Your Club: points (tries), Other Club: points (tries). You can also email your score and tries to your division director.

The text I received looks confusing, what does everything in mean?
We will use this example to explain: ID3143323, Boston WRFC,    (T  ),Charles River WRFC,    (T  ),Moakley Park, 13:00, 09/04/2014 test
In the above sample message the ID # is a unique # given to each match in the system. The two teams schedule to play are then listed, as well as where the match was scheduled to be played.
The kick-off time and date that is in the NERFU scheduling system are then listed (don't worry if the date and time are incorrect). Finally, where you see “test” will be the acronym of the division your club is playing in.

What if I have more questions?
You can send all your questions to