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Two NERFU college clubs ship up to nationals

via NSCRO.org2016-17 Men's Champions Cup / Region 1 - NortheastIn the Northeast Qualifier on Nov. 12, Tufts... read more
USAR Level 200/World Rugby Level 1 Coaching Clinic

The Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization is hosting a USA Rugby Level 200/World Rugby Level 1 Coaching... read more
NERFU Announces 2016 Fall Play-off Schedule

The New England Rugby Union (NERFU) is proud to announce the dates and locations for all of their fall divisional... read more
An Important Message on Sideline Behavior

New England Rugby Referee Society President Chris Schuyler has released a statement in response to a decline... read more
On NERFU Membership Dues

There was a typo in the latest union newsletter that went out concerning member dues. Dues for the 2016-17... read more

2016-09-10Mens Club D2 2016-17
Amoskeag24 vs 20Portland@Amoskeag
B.I.W. - D210 vs 7Providence@Boston Irish Wolfhounds
2016-08-27Mens Club D2 2016-17
Albany44 vs 34Newport@Dick Green Field
Burlington10 vs 68Mystic River D2@Burlington
Hartford54 vs 5Amoskeag@Hartford
Providence7 vs 67Worcester@Providence
2016-10-15Mens Club D4 2016-17
Berkshire 36 vs 33Upper Valley@Berkshire
Black River 28 vs 0Framingham@Black River
Boston- D40 vs 28Monadnock@Boston
Rutland14 vs 17Bennington@Rutland
2016-10-08Mens Club D4 2016-17
Berkshire 28 vs 0Boston- D4@Berkshire
Black River 26 vs 33Monadnock@Black River
Boston Ironsides19 vs 43Rutland@Moakley Park
Framingham63 vs 39Bennington@Framingham
Upper Valley28 vs 0Cape Cod@Upper Valley
2016-10-01Mens Club D4 2016-17
Bennington42 vs 27Berkshire @Bennington
Black River 27 vs 44Upper Valley@Black River
Boston Ironsides7 vs 55Boston- D4@Moakley Park
Cape Cod0 vs 71Monadnock@Cape Cod
Framingham36 vs 5Rutland@Framingham
2016-09-24Mens Club D4 2016-17
Bennington28 vs 0Cape Cod@Bennington
Berkshire 111 vs 7Black River @Berkshire
Boston Ironsides25 vs 34Upper Valley@Moakley Park
Framingham29 vs 54Boston- D4@Framingham
Rutland8 vs 24Monadnock@Rutland
2016-09-17Mens Club D4 2016-17
Berkshire 29 vs 24Framingham@Berkshire
Black River 64 vs 3Boston Ironsides@Black River
Boston- D482 vs 0Bennington@Boston
Cape Cod28 vs 0Rutland@Cape Cod
Monadnock35 vs 23Upper Valley@Monadnock Wolfpack
2016-09-10Mens Club D4 2016-17
Boston- D431 vs 19Black River @Boston
Boston Ironsides14 vs 59Berkshire @Moakley Park
Framingham28 vs 0Cape Cod@Framingham
Monadnock39 vs 15Bennington@Monadnock Wolfpack
Upper Valley65 vs 0Rutland@Upper Valley
2016-09-03Mens Club D4 2016-17
Bennington15 vs 29Black River @Bennington
Boston- D469 vs 0Cape Cod@Boston
Monadnock52 vs 22Boston Ironsides@Monadnock Wolfpack
Rutland22 vs 15Berkshire @Rutland
Upper Valley61 vs 10Framingham@Upper Valley

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