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NSCRO Northeast Championships This Weekend- NEW Field...

New England College Rugby and NSCRO would like to welcome you to the 2014 Northeast Regional Championship (NRC... read more
USA Rugby Combine to be Hosted by Mystic River in...

Mystic River will be hosting a USA Rugby Combine on November 23rd at Velocity Sports Performance in Norwood, MA... read more
University of New England Women Finish Third in NSCRO...

Keene State College hosted the 2014 NSCRO Region 1 Championships on November 9th and 10th. NERFU runner-up Franklin... read more
Catch the All Blacks v USA Match this Afternoon!

It's here! USA v New Zealand at sold-out Soldier Field in Chicago! (And it's snowing- check out the pic of Sonny... read more
All Blacks vs USA: Boston Watch Party/Combine Hosts...

The All Blacks are coming and we have two announcements surrounding the event to fill you in on. One is the watch... read more

2014-09-14NSCRO Men- North 2014
Lyndon State College0 vs 93Keene State@Lyndon State College - DIII
2014-10-25Men's Club D1 2014
Hartford87 vs 15Amoskeag@Hartford Wanderers
White Plains22 vs 20Portland@White Plains, NY
2014-10-18Men's Club D1 2014
Amoskeag12 vs 36White Plains@Amoskeag
Boston I.W.40 vs 7Portland@Boston Irish Wolfhounds
Hartford16 vs 21Mystic River@Hartford Wanderers
2014-10-11Men's Club D1 2014
Old Blue39 vs 26White Plains@New York City
Portland7 vs 54Boston@Portland
2014-10-04Men's Club D1 2014
Amoskeag17 vs 57Mystic River@Amoskeag
Portland28 vs 22Hartford@Portland
2014-09-27Men's Club D1 2014
Mystic River60 vs 19Hartford@Mystic River
White Plains66 vs 31Amoskeag@White Plains, NY
2014-09-20Men's Club D1 2014
Mystic River43 vs 14Portland@Mystic River
White Plains46 vs 47Hartford@White Plains, NY
2014-09-13Men's Club D1 2014
White Plains5 vs 25Mystic River@White Plains, NY
Portland46 vs 10Amoskeag@Portland
2014-09-06Men's Club D1 2014
Mystic River12 vs 22Boston@Mystic River
Boston I.W.19 vs 15Amoskeag@Boston Irish Wolfhounds
Old Blue69 vs 0Hartford@New York City
2014-10-25Women's Club D1 2014
Boston WRFC62 vs 26Village Lions WRFC@Moakley Park
Monmouth WRFC20 vs 12Providence WRFC@Monmouth, NJ
2014-10-18Women's Club D1 2014
Albany WRFC47 vs 0Village Lions WRFC@Dick Green Field
Providence WRFC0 vs 87Beantown WRFC@Providence
2014-10-11Women's Club D1 2014
Beantown WRFC28 vs 0Monmouth WRFC@Moakley Park
Boston WRFC22 vs 7Albany WRFC@Moakley Park
Village Lions WRFC25 vs 20Providence WRFC@New York City
2014-10-04Women's Club D1 2014
Boston WRFC5 vs 43Beantown WRFC@Moakley Park
Monmouth WRFC31 vs 12Albany WRFC@Monmouth, NJ
2014-09-27Women's Club D1 2014
Albany WRFC7 vs 53Beantown WRFC@Dick Green Field
Boston WRFC62 vs 17Providence WRFC@Moakley Park
Village Lions WRFC7 vs 56Monmouth WRFC@New York City
2014-09-20Women's Club D1 2014
Albany WRFC17 vs 43Boston WRFC@Dick Green Field
Beantown WRFC91 vs 0Village Lions WRFC@Moakley Park
Providence WRFC24 vs 15Monmouth WRFC@Providence
2014-09-13Women's Club D1 2014
Monmouth WRFC0 vs 63Beantown WRFC@Monmouth, NJ
Providence WRFC17 vs 12Albany WRFC@Providence
Village Lions WRFC10 vs 50Boston WRFC@New York City
2014-09-06Women's Club D1 2014
Beantown WRFC35 vs 12Providence WRFC@Moakley Park
Monmouth WRFC43 vs 21Boston WRFC@Monmouth, NJ
Village Lions WRFC17 vs 19Albany WRFC@New York City

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11/22/2014 NSCRO Northeast Championships This Weekend **NEW LOCATION** New England College Rugby and NSCRO would like to... link

11/15/2014 Mystic River will be hosting a USA Rugby Combine on November 23rd at Velocity Sports Performance in Norwood, MA.... link

11/15/2014 Mystic River will be hosting a USA Rugby Combine on November 23rd at Velocity Sports Performance in Norwood, MA.... link

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