On NERFU Membership Dues

On NERFU Membership Dues

September 02, 2016


There was a typo in the latest union newsletter that went out concerning member dues. Dues for the 2016-17 season are $25 not the $20 stated.

While on the topic of dues, we would also like to clarify that NERFU does not charge dues for clubs any more and anyone who registers with NERFU solely as a youth, referee or administrator is not charged a fee by NERFU. NERFU also charges among the lowest per player dues in the country. For a comparison, players next door to us in the Empire GU are charged $45.

Another topic we want to touch base on is to highlight some of the ways the dues you pay returns to our membership. Besides providing administrative support, NERFU helps fund the following:

-Coach reimbursement for attendance at certification courses

-Player reimbursement for attendance at regional and national camps/events

-Stipends to clubs who advance to national play-offs

-NSCRO dues owed by each college club

-Play-off expenses incurred by the hosts of NERFU, NSCRO and CR3 play-offs (refs, balls, medics, venues, etc)

-The annual NERFU Cup Tournament

-The NERFU Sevens Series

-College All-Star program (new this year)

-The Northeast Olympic Development Academy

-Trophies and awards for all league competitions, the Sevens Series and the NERFU Cup

This is not a complete list of everything that NERFU funds. To become more involved in how NERFU spends your dues every year, make sure to voice your opinion to your representative on the NERFU Board (your division director). Our Executive Board members are all ears as well. And make sure to get a club representative at the AGM in February to contribute to the discussion of how this union is run.