NERFU Seeks Board Nominations for 2018

NERFU Seeks Board Nominations for 2018

January 11, 2018


The following positions have their 2-year term expiring this year and are open for nominations:



-Executive Director of Clubs

-Executive Director of Colleges

-Executive Director of Sevens

-Men’s College Challenge Cup Division Director

-Women’s Colleges Division Director

Additionally, two other positions whose term runs thru 2019 are also open:

-Men’s D3 Club Division Director (open due to resignation, interim director currently serving)

-Women’s D2/3 Club Division Director (unfilled at 2017 AGM, interim director currently serving)

All nominations must be sent to NERFU Secretary Jeff Sperling by Wednesday January 24th. To be nominated, a member must in good-standing with NERFU and either registered with a member club or registered “at-large” with NERFU. 

 A full list of nominees will be published one week prior to NERFU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). We will continue to update the list of positions and nominees up to the close of the nominating period. Any position that did not have a nomination prior to January 24th will be open to nominations from the floor of the AGM. 

The 2018 NERFU AGM will be held Saturday, February 3rd from 10am-2pm In Worcester, MA at the DCU Center. Questions concerning the AGM or the positions open to nominations can reach out to Jeff or NERFU president Lori Staples.