NERFU Annual General Meeting to be held Feb 16, 2019

NERFU Annual General Meeting to be held Feb 16, 2019

December 12, 2018


The NERFU AGM will be held on Saturday, 2/16 at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. The general assembly will begin at 10am, followed by divisional break-out sessions. The AGM will conclude by 2pm. All clubs are required to send a representative to the AGM. A detailed agenda will be posted shortly, but we do have several Board positions being vacated this year. Those positions are:

- Treasurer (Executive Board position)
- Executive Director, Sevens (Executive Board position)
- Division Director- Women- D2/D3 Club
- Division Director- Men D4 Club
- Division Director- Men's College (possible 2 positions)
- Division Director- Women's College

There are also several other Board positions up for election that currently have candidates, but we will certainly still accept nominations. Those include:

- Executive Director, College (Executive Board position)

- Division Director- Men, D2 Club
- Division Director- Men, D3 Club
- Division Director- Women, D1 Club

Please send any nominations, including self-nominations to Jeff Sperling at