COVID-19 Update: End of Season

COVID-19 Update: End of Season

November 23, 2020


For many of us, this would have been our first practice & match free week since our bye. Then, there is a moment where we start to realize that we haven't done anything to prepare for the upcoming holidays with our non-rugby families! Where does the season go? As we start to reconsider how we may be spending our holidays this year with COVID in the picture, it is important that we also reevaluate how we have been participating in some form of the sport and how we proceed. Some clubs have been fortunate to have space allotted to them and felt comfortable enough to have some small, masked, non-contact practices. Many have gathered for other outdoor, COVID friendly activities just to see each other, however, it is no mystery that restrictions have gotten tighter throughout New England. Almost all states in our union have reduced gathering sizes to 10 people, Vermont & Maine have reinstated their 14-day quarantine mandate for visitors and a majority of the colleges have proactively cancelled their winter sports. With this in mind and cases on the rise, please review your state's newest COVID guidelines. Reach out to your specific state coordinator on general guidelines below. Be safe, responsible & wash your hands!


Ashley LaPlante 


Kelsey Maguire or Zach Boswell or 


Jeremy Hammond

New Hampshire

 Ely Thayer

New York

 Lori Staples 

Rhode Island

Nick St. Germain 


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