Belles, Beantown & Middlesex Straigthen Hold on Play-off Spots

Belles, Beantown & Middlesex Straigthen Hold on Play-off Spots

July 23, 2013


Congrats to both the Boston Belles and Middlesex for claiming the top prize at the Princeton 7s this weekend.
 For Middlesex, the championship victory pulls them to within 6 points of the top spot in the NRU 7s Qualifier Standings just behind Old Blue. For the Belles it means a tighter grasp on the top spot in the women's standings and with it's appearance in the final as well, Beantown keeps ahead of Empire rivals Morris and NYRC for the #2 spot.
 Both the women and men conclude the Sevens Qualifiers Circuit this weekend at the Middlesex 7s. The top two clubs in the standings go onto the Club 7s Championships for both the men and women.
Scores from the tournament:

Final: Boston Belles 22-12 Beantown
Semi: Boston Belles 17-0 Monmouth 1

Boston Belles 43-0 Monmouth 2
Boston Belles 19-5 Jamaica
Boston Belles 14-12 New York 1

*Looking for scores for Beantown matches leading to the final. If you have them please share in the comments section on the NERFU Facebook page.  


Final: Middlesex 33-19 Old Blue
Semi: Old Blue 38-12 White Plains
Semi: Middlesex 19-15 Long Island

Old Blue 34-7 Morris
Old Blue 26-5 NYAC
Old Blue 29-12 Long Island
Middlesex 22-5 White Plains
Middlesex 31-5 Morris
Middlesex 19-10 NYAC
NYAC 19-12 Long Island
Long Island 29-7 White Plains
White Plains 22-17 Morris

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