Important Messgae about CIPP Compliance and Ref Assignments

Important Messgae about CIPP Compliance and Ref Assignments

September 05, 2013


Important message from the New England Ref Society concerning getting refs assigned to your matches and how that is effected by the CIPP compliance of both the home and visiting teams.

Dear  Teams,  

 It is that time of year  again when we all need to renew our CIPP.  I know this is a struggle,  especially for colleges with students just getting back and another round of  recruiting happening, but in order for the Society to assign referees, both the  home team and the visitor need to be compliant.  Last week we marked all  teams as "not compliant". 

 Since then I have been checking frequently to  see who has gotten their players registered.  (not many so far).  I  will continue to check, but I don't have the time to look at all two hundred  teams daily, so I am asking for your help.  When you believe you  have  become CIPP compliant, please send me a note to that effect to   

 If you have requests in  for second side matches, those won't be approved as eligible until both home and  visitor have enough players to support two sides. Believe me, I hate this  process as much as any of you, but we have to go through it so please  help. 

Thanks, Peter  Watson