IMPORTANT: NERFU to Adopt USA Rugby's Electronic Rosters

IMPORTANT: NERFU to Adopt USA Rugby's Electronic Rosters

September 17, 2013


Dear NERFU Clubs,
USA Rugby rolled out a new Competitions Management System (CMS) as our season started here in New England. The USA Rugby CMS is intended to be used by clubs to submit rosters electronically, as well as report match data (substitutions, cards) and results (match scores, player scoring, etc). This system ONLY applies to teams competing for a USA Rugby National Championship. The Senior Men's DIV, Senior Women's DIII and Colleges are excluded.

The competition management system unified under one umbrella has quite a few advantages, especially for those divisions that have competitions across two unions. Another bonus is that supporters of your club will also have access to live scoring updates.

Using all the functions of the CMS will be a requirement for clubs starting with the 2014-15 season. However since this software is still in it's beta version and USA Rugby just rolled it out last Thursday, NERFU board members felt it was unrealistic and unwise to implement the system fully. At our recent board meeting it was decided to utilize the electronic roster portion of the USA Rugby CMS and to continue to use NERFU's own CMS through our current website to track scores and standings. We felt that relying on an untested system for competition results when play-off spots were at stake was not the best course of action for our clubs.

For the remainder of the 2013-14 NERFU Competitive Season teams will:
1 Submit an electronic roster using the USAR CMS prior to kick-off for each league match they play. Instructions on how to do this are attached. Please retroactively enter your match rosters from Week 1 and continue to enter them each week as the season progresses.
To access the USA Rugby CMS use this link.
Your NERFU Division Director will email your team's contact access code for the system.

2. Continue to submit your scores to your Division Director as usual, they will verify the scores and enter them into the NERFU system. You can check scores and standings by going to and selecting your division from the the "Divisions" tab at the top of the screen.

3. Most of our clubs have played one or two matches so far this season. It is IMPORTANT that you go into the USAR CMS and enter the rosters for those games. USA Rugby has indicated that they will be relying on these rosters for eligibility disputes when it comes to play-offs in the spring. You will be putting your club's play-off eligibility at risk by not going in and entering rosters for all the games you have played so far.

If you have questions concerning roster and score reporting for this season please contact your Division Director- however, before you do, please look though the "USA RUGBY 2013-2014 Competition Management Handbook" and the "Frequently Asked Questions" section below, you will likely have most of your questions answered by these two resources.

Q: This email states rosters must be submitted "prior" to kick-off. What is the exact deadline?
A: Since rosters can be submitted electronically using your mobile devices, 1 hour prior to kick-off is the cut-off for this season. It is advisable to enter your roster earlier than that in case you run into problems with getting on the site at the pitch.

Q: What if someone gets injured in warm-ups or can't make the match at the last minute? Can we change our roster?
A: You can change the roster after a match has been played, It is understandable that the players substituted during the course of a match might change depending on how a match is progressing for your club. It makes sense to allow this flexibility since it promotes player development and allows clubs to deal with unforeseen circumstances without penalty. Any adjustments to your roster must be done within 48 hours of the match kick-off. After that the system is locked out and the only way to make a change is to send it to your Division Director

Q: I see areas on the USA Rugby CMS site to enter scores and other match information. There are also forms that be can printed out that are filled out at the pitch. Do we need to do this?
A: No, NERFU clubs will only be required to fill out the electronic rosters for the 2013-14 season. However feel free to check out the other areas of the USAR CMS as you will need to starting using this in 2014-15.

Q: I have some feedback on the USAR CMS software and a suggestion for an improvement. Is there a way to get these comments to USA Rugby?
A: Yes, NERFU will be compiling all the feedback from our clubs along with comments from the Division Directors. Please use this form to submit any feedback you might have.
If you are experiencing problems that are preventing you from filling out your electronic roster, contact your Division Director immediately.

2013-2014 Competition Management Handbook (Beta)

Match Roster Form - 2013 NCS (pdf)

Match Roster Form - 2013 NCS (word)