7s Director Position Proposed: Nominations Sought

7s Director Position Proposed: Nominations Sought

January 29, 2014


7s Director - Job Specification

If approved at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, the New England Rugby Football Union (NERFU) Geographical Union (GU) will add a 7s Director position to the list of board officers.  The 7s Director will support the development and organization of the Senior Clubs and Colleges 7s Rugby.  The 7s Director will encourage the game of 7s rugby awareness and development in the Union.


  • Work closely with the NERFU Board to assess the needs of the teams in the Union from a 7s Rugby perspective. 
  • As necessary, work with the Empire GU, ODA and USA Rugby to address any requirements and issues that may arise throughout the year.
  • Organize the 7s Rugby season for both Senior Clubs and Colleges
  • Facilitate and track registration for all NERFU tournament applications.
  • Work with the NERFU Marketing Specialist to promote the 7s Rugby events in the Union.
  • Share with the NERFU Marketing Specialist the tournament results and articles for Union distribution.
  • Work with the NERFU Marketing Specialist to ensure social media tools are kept up to date.
  • As needed, participate in the NERFU Disciplinary Committee when the disciplinary action and appeals is related to 7s Rugby.


  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and verbal format, and build and maintain relationships
  • Understanding of the game of Rugby


This is a volunteer position and will have a vote in the NERFU Board. If interested, please send your resume to secretary@nerfu.org