2014- 2016 NERFU Board Members Elected

2014- 2016 NERFU Board Members Elected

February 18, 2014


Members of the the 2014-16 NERFU Board were elected at last week's AGM:

President: Neil Foley
Secretary: Open Position*
Treasurer: Shannon Wallace

Executive Director of Clubs: Mike Martin
Men Club Division I: Brett Willis
Men Club Division II: Brad Dufresne
Men Club Division III: Bob Winchester
Men Club Division IV: TBD - (Jim Hurley or John Cochenour)*
Women Club Division I/II - Tracy Watson
Women Club Division III/IV - Mary Beth Bolduc

Executive Director of Colleges: Brian Earley
Men's Colleges: Carrick Pell
Women's Colleges: Patricia Wiiliams

Executive Director of Sevens: John McGeachy

We would also like to thank our out-going board members for their respective years of service:
Maria Caro Ruiz, Chris Reed, Jeff West, Kira Watkins and Rick Friberg

*The position of Secretary remains open anyone interested in filling this position should contact Neil Foley
The election for Men's Club Divison 4 Director was tabled at the AGM until the next board meeting so a nomination for the position could be confirmed.