Week Six Update: D2 Clubs Battle it Out for Top Spots

Week Six Update: D2 Clubs Battle it Out for Top Spots

October 13, 2014


Six weeks into the NERFU 2014 Fall Season and the hunt for play-off spots intensifies... especially in the Men's and Women's Club Division 2. Only three points in the standings separates the top four clubs in Men's D2 (New Haven, Worcester, Mystic D2 and Newport). In Women's D2 just one point separates Burlington, Portland and Beantown D2.
 Two matches to keep an eye on this coming weekend #2Worcester vs. #4Newport (Men) and #1Burlington vs. #3Beantown D2 (Women).

Here are the latest scores from Columbus Day weekend:

Connecticut College 15-40 Wesleyan College
Trinity College 0-10 Eastern Connecticut State
U of Maine- Farmington 21-20 Bowdoin College
U of New England 12-24 U of Maine- Orono
Salem State 20-20 Lasell College
UMass- Boston 0-28 Tufts University (forfeit by UMass-Boston)
Nichols College 10-3 Babson College
Colby-Sawyer College 28-0 Johnson State (forfeit by Johnson St)
Keene State 36-0 Fitchburg State
Lyndon State College 7-129 St Anselm

Castleton State Women 0- 30 U of New England- Women
Colby-Sawyer College Women 82-5 U of Maine- Farmington Women

Women's Club D1

Beantown WRFC 28-0 Monmouth WRFC (forfeit by Monmouth)
Boston WRFC 22-7 Albany WRFC
Village Lions WRFC 25-20 Providence WRFC

Women's Club D2
Beantown WRFC - DII 17-5 Portland WRFC
Burlington WRFC 36-0 Brooklyn WRFC
Charles River WRFC 93-0 Seacoast WRFC

Men's Club D1
Old Blue 39-26 White Plains
Portland 7-54 Boston

Men's Club D3
Boston- DIII 10-61 MIT
Charles River 10-78 Freedom
New London County 18-12 Boston Maccabi
Springfield 12-41 B.I.W. - DIII

Men's Club D4
Bennington 0-80 Mad River/Stowe
Black River 5-96 Rutland
Cape Cod 33-7 Boston Ironsides