Babson College Women and Boston Maccabi Seeking Head Coaches

Babson College Women and Boston Maccabi Seeking Head Coaches

December 17, 2014


Both Babson College and Boston Maccabi are seeking head coaches. Brief descriptions are below, more details can be found on the NERFU jobs page.

Babson College Women's Head Coach Job Description:
  • Primary duty will be to coach the women's rugby club.
  • The Coach is expected to develop a pre-season training regimen and conduct practices.
  • The Coach will be expected to support the mission of student development and leadership promoted by the Club Sports program.
  • Willingness to act as a coach while coordinating with captains to formulate a training program and line ups.

Boston Maccabi Head Coach Job Description:

"We are seeking an experienced, game-savvy coach who will be able to help our club progress to a higher level of play through efficient, directed training sessions and the implementation of a strategic plan of game/club/player development. Candidate must also be comfortable making game-time decisions and provide an authoritative presence from the sidelines. The ideal candidate will also have ability to oversee both an A-side and B-side, and successfully instill value and structure in B-side competition."