NERFU Needs New Leaders- All Board Positions Up For Election!

NERFU Needs New Leaders- All Board Positions Up For Election!

November 24, 2015


This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be one of the most influential since the Union converted to a Geographic Union 5 years ago. Every position on the board is up for election, per our by-laws.

Many long-time board members have already announced their intentions not to run again. Below you will find a list of every position along with the incumbent and any candidate(s) for each position. It is our sincere hope that you notice the number of blanks in the candidate column and realize what this means for the union and the clubs you represent. The union needs new leaders.

If you have ever thought about running for a position on the board now is the time to actually do it. If there are people you consider qualified for the job, please tell them and us so that we may recruit them. If you are unsure about what the job entails or have questions about the board, please don't hesitate to ask us. Call it stepping-up, call it doing it your duty, call it whatever you like but at the very least hear this call.

 The New England Football Rugby Union needs board members and this union can not function without your help.

The only requirement for sitting on the board is that you are CIPP registered with a Union club- it does not have to be in the division you are interested in representing.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact the current secretary Jeff Sperling.

Position:      Current:       Candidate:
President      Neil Foley       Vacant
Secretary      Jeff Sperling       Jeff Sperling
Treasurer      Shannon Wallace       Vacant
ED Clubs      Mike Martin       Mike Martin
ED Colleges      Brian Earley       Brian Earley
ED 7's      John McGeachy       John McGeachy
Div Dir- D1 Men      Brett Willis       Vacant
Div Dir- D2 Men      Brad Dufresne       Brad Dufresne
Div Dir- D3 Men      Bob Winchester       Vacant
Div Dir- D4 Men      John Cochenour       Vacant
Div Dir- D1+D2 Women      Tracy Watson       Vacant
Div Dir- D3 Women      MB Bolduc       Vacant
Div Dir- College Men      Matt Carmody       Vacant
Div Dir- College Women      Patty Williams       Vacant

Mark Your Calendars: The date of the NERFU AGM is February 6, 2016
We are also soliciting any proposed changes to our by-laws so that they can be voted on at the AGM.
If you wish to submit a proposed change, please contact NERFU secretary Jeff Sperling.