Senior Club Fall Season Re-cap

Senior Club Fall Season Re-cap

December 15, 2015


In our latest newsletter we re-capped all of the senior club fall competitions. You can see the whole report here complete with photos. For a text only version of the re-cap continue reading...
(photo credit: Boston Maccabi RFC)

2015 Senior Club Fall Season Re-cap

All of our senior club divisions are either taking a winter break or have finished league play completely, as a result this is the perfect opportunity to report on each division’s fall season. NERFU had 47 clubs participating in 7 divisions this fall- making it one of the largest and strongest unions in the country. Congratulations goes out to all ruggers who competed this fall.

 Our re-cap starts with the two divisions who had their championships this fall.

Men’s Club Division 4
NERFU Men’s Division 4 was a six-team division with all clubs playing each other once. At the end of league play, it was Monadnock on the top of the league standings by virtue of their 19-5 defeat of Berkshire.
 On November 7th all of the clubs were hosted by Monadnock for the NERFU Division 4 Championships. Berkshire defeated Monadnock in the re-match to take the championship.

Here are the scores from the play-offs:
Round 1
- Bennington 27 v Boston Ironsides 7, Cape Cod 5 v Rutland 14
Round 2
- Berkshire 24 v Bennington 0, Rutland 3 v Monadnock 31
- Cape Cod 0 v B. Ironsides 45 (Bowl) / Rutland 26 v Bennington 19 (Plate) / Berkshire 42 v Monadnock 3 (Cup)

Women’s Club Division 3 
In the women's D3 competition, three NERFU clubs joined eight Empire GU clubs in a cross-regional league divided into two conferences (East and West). Amoskeag topped the East table in a commanding fashion, allowing only five points to be scored on them all season.
 Amoskeag was joined by Springfield at the Competitive Region (CR3) playoffs hosted by Saratoga Rugby Inc. as the top two East seeds. Ithaca and South Buffalo came to the tournament as the top West seeds. Both Amoskeag and Springfield lost in the semifinals. While disappointed with their semifinal losses, both clubs gave it their all in a riveting consolation final that came down to conversions. Both sides scored 4 tries but Springfield was able to convert one more try than Amoskeag for the victory.

Here are the scores from the play-offs:
Semifinals- Ithaca 22 v. Springfield 12, South Buffalo 26 v. Amoskeag 7
Finals- South Buffalo 17 v. Ithaca 5 (Championship) / Springfield 26 v. Amoskeag 24 (Consolation)

Men’s Club Division 3
Men’s Division 3 was another NERFU-only division. It was also our largest league competition this fall with a total of twelve clubs. The clubs were split into two conferences (North and South). Each club played a total of ten matches within their conference.
 When the regular season wrapped up on November 14th, it was Mad River and Boston Maccabi atop the North and MIT and the Boston Irish Wolfhounds leading in the South. Since the Wolfhounds are ineligible to compete in the national play-offs, Old Gold will advance out of the South conference instead.
 The NERFU Men's Division 3 Championships will be held the weekend of April 30th. The winner will then face the top Empire D3 club at the Atlantic North play-offs in May.

Men's Division 1
This year’s Division 1 competition for men’s clubs involved five clubs from both NERFU and the Empire GU. Boston Rugby, Boston Irish Wolfhounds, Mystic River, New York Athletic Club and Old Blue started league play on September 12th and wrapped up their fall campaigns on November 7th.
 All five clubs also played matches against Life, an American Rugby Premiership club.
Old Blue and Mystic are the current leaders in the D1 standings. League play resumes on March 19th and will run through April 30th. 

Women's Division 1
Women’s Division 1 league play involved five clubs from both NERFU and the Empire GU. Clubs had a home and away match against each club in the division. Beantown finished unbeaten but faced strong competition, especially against second place Boston (in their home opener) and on the road against Monmouth.
 While two spring matches remain to wrap-up all D1 league play, Beantown and Boston have already locked up play-off spots. They will face each other in a re-match this May at the Atlantic North Championships. 

Women's Division 2
Like Men's and Women's Division 1, Division 2 for women featured teams from both NERFU and the Empire GU. Nine clubs participated a six game fall schedule and then had one “Elite 8” play-off match.
Burlington, Providence, Hartford and Portland finished the regular season in the top four spots with only three points in the standings separating them.

 Here are the Elite 8 play-off scores:
(1)Burlington 28 vs (8)Charles River 0
(2)Providence 14 vs (7)Brooklyn 0
(3)Hartford 39 vs (6)Morris 7
(4)Portland 7 vs (5)Worcester 0 
The four clubs that won their Elite 8 match-up will next face off in May to see who advances to Nationals. 

Men's Division 2
Men’s Division 2 was another NERFU-only division as well as our second largest league competition with a total of eleven clubs. Each club played 8-9 matches this fall and will play 1-2 matches in the spring to bring the total of league matches played by each club to 10.
 Mystic and Portland are the current top two clubs with Amoskeag, Newport and Hartford filling out the top five.
 League play resumes April 16th and with only four points separating
Amoskeag, Newport and Hartford in the standings, competition will be fierce for play-off spots.