Fourteen Board Positions Open, Only One Nomination

Fourteen Board Positions Open, Only One Nomination

December 21, 2015


NERFU needs new leadership but so far we’ve only had one nomination for the fourteen spots open on the NERFU board. Per our by-laws, every position on the board must be up for election.

 While several current board member have indicated their willingness to run again, we still have two-thirds of the Division Directors positions and the three top positions in the union (President, Secretary and Treasurer) without anyone nominated or interested in serving. Our union will flounder without these spots filled.

 The NERFU AGM will be held on February 6th. With just over a month left, the time to act is now.

If you’re interested in running for a position please e-mail our current NERFU secretary, Jeff Sperling. If you think you know of someone who would make a good board member, encourage them to run and nominate them. The only requirement for sitting on the board is that you are CIPP registered with a NERFU club- it does not have to be in the division you are interested in representing. If you are unsure about what the job entails or have questions about the board, please reach out to Jeff.

Here is what our bylaws have to say about nominations:

"Full members may nominate candidates for any Office by written notice to the Executive Committee no later than ten (10) days immediately before the subject Annual General Meeting and any such nominations shall be published seven (7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. If there is no candidate for an Office, as reflected in the agenda for the Annual General Meeting, the President may allow nominations for such Office to be made at the meeting"

Please take some time over the holiday break to consider running for a board position or encouraging someone you think would be a good candidate to run.